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    • 25 cm long heatsink supports four COB or LED modules up to ~300W total
    • surface coverage 1.2 x 1.2 m,
    • LED modules are interchangeable with COB modules – fit in the same holder,
    • if new and better LED/COB appear on the market, only they can be replaced without
    • replacing the entire lamp (by the manufacturer or even the user)
    • custom-designed extruded heatsink provides excellent heat dissipation,
    • the ability to connect the lamps to one network (wired or wireless) – no need to set each lamp separately,
    • three operating modes: simple, group and advanced,
    • support for wireless connection,
    • support for wired connection up to 1200 m,
    • support for Ethernet connection for a router (any type, also GSM), which enables access to the PuzzLEDX locally or remotely from anywhere in the world through the Internet,
    • independent power control allows for selecting the optimal lighting for each phase of growth,
    • 3-zone schedule for settings during the day,
    • built-in programmable timer with a battery back-up,
    • possibility of updating lamp firmware by the user,
    • saving settings in the non-volatile memory – no loss of settings after power loss,
    • external 48 VDC power supply provides a simple replacement in the event of damage,
    • a computer application for Windows,
    • compact dimensions: 250x174x86 mm,
    • overheat protection,
    • monitoring the fan status – protection against COB/LED damage,
    • a quiet fan with an adjustable speed on a current basis; in addition to cooling the modules
    • provides air circulation in the cultivation facility,
    • convenient height adjustment with attached brackets,
    • various lamp lengths available (up to 1 m),
    • possibility to purchase a self-assembly KIT without soldering (safe voltage 48 VDC).
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